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Last weekend we had our first family day out of this new school year at the Tallships Festival.
The festival was a little busy as you would expect from any event in London. There was the usual food and drinks stalls and loads of things to see and do.
We started at Greenwich and had there our moment of thrill, waiting more than an hour to visit one of the biggest ships. The good thing with my little one is that he is easy to entertain. Just give him a book or notebook and he can just have fun for… one hour. As for the teenager it is a challenge if you do not have a gadget with a decent internet connection, so just accept that he will annoy you at the proportion of his boredom, which, in this occasion, made the day much more fun.
Unfortunately we could not visit the majority of the ships but there was a kind of old market where you could have a feeling of the old days. We learned how the gun bullets were made and how to light a lantern without matches.

After an hour of waiting we got on board of the Polish Dar Mlodziezy. It was worth the waiting, it is a beautiful ship and the kids loved to visit it.

On the afternoon we moved to Royal Arsenal Woolwich hoping to visit a few more, but no luck. All the ships were out cruising. As it was part of the plan to stay and watch the fireworks, we choose a spot by the river and sat there watching the ships coming back to the pier.
The day was kind of cloudy and sunny at the same time, so the the light was perfect for the photographers. Probably, some amazing pictures were taken on that day. It made me a little sad, as I miss my lost camera, but my phone was just right for the occasion.