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Viana do Castelo was one of my first adventure as a teenager. Me and two friends decided to go to a surf contest, we were 15 years old. We took the train to Porto (Oporto) and then changed station and took another one to Viana. We had to ask for directions several times and I remember people looking at us and maybe wonder what three young girls from Lisbon were doing by themselves in Viana. The looks become more suspicious when we mentioned that we were there for a Surf Contest. In those days in Portugal Surf was a weird thing that crazy boys did on waves. But because Viana has this special relationship with the ocean, a lot of people joined the beach and watch the surf.

We stayed in small hotel and enjoyed the beach, the surf and the days out away from family. It was just two days, but I remember as it was today the fun that we had and how easy it was to crack ourselves up.

I don’t believe I never went back to Viana, but after seeing this video I regret for not to.

Well, I regret for not knowing the north of Portugal as well as I know the South.

Enjoy the video.