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This will be my first summer spent entirely in London. I have a new job and so no holidays for now.

This is year there will be no amazing sunsets, no delicious seafood, no big hugs from friends, no noisy family dinners, no beautiful landscapes, no walks around Lisbon, no tram rides, no dance until late, no busy days .

And worse than this is the fact that my family went for three weeks without me. I was left alone here in London where summer just lasts for three weeks and that was in July.

So what can I do in these three weeks? Well, apart from work I can read without interruptions. I can cook whatever I like or if I don’t want don’t need to cook. I can sleep until late on weekends. I can visit all those museums that the kids think are so boring. I can listen to loud music and dance like nobody is watching.

Yes, I can do all those things and I have done some. I was expecting some joyfulness, but I can’t feel it because I missed them too much. I miss their voices, their laughs, their smell, I miss being called one hundred times a day, I miss their sleepy faces in the morning and their tired bodies at night. Most of all I miss not being there.

So what I have been doing with my time? I have been reading, sleeping, writing, drawing, listening to music, wandering the city, taking some pictures and hoping that these three weeks will fly by.