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I already wrote about this book and until today it was on my wishlist. My birthday was yesterday and I got my present today! Thank you A.

My memories of a skateboard go back when I was just five years old. My older brother and sister used to skateboard on our building corridors. I probably ride it, sitting on it and with someone pulling me. This was a long, long time ago in Angola.

In my teen years, in Portugal, where I lived the kids built their own skate ramps and half-pipes. There were the skateboarders and the BMX bikers. Most of the time they got along and sometimes they didn’t. Both did crazy things in the ramps, in the streets, in the roads and in the parks. I always liked watching them, especially the skateboarders.

I learn to skate in a little plastic red skateboard. I spent hours practising, pretending that I was riding a wave, dreaming of becoming a surfer. It didn’t happen, I’m not a surfer, yet, but when I jump into a skateboard I feel the same! I ride the same way, like I am surfing an endless wave and it makes me feel sooo good!

For my Christmas present I want one of this to ride in the London’s Park. Yeah, plus a helmet, knee-pads and an accident insurance.

So check these photos by Hugh Holland between 1975 and 1878. It’s a time travel, is like going back to the streets of California in the 70’s.

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