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The first time I heard about Iceland was because of Björk. A friend introduced me to her music saying that she was from Iceland. Iceland? Where is that? I remember thinking.

Without internet to google it, I stayed with this image that Iceland was some place where weird but beautiful things come from. As I grew older this image didn’t change, actually it got stronger as I looked at videos, images and photos of Iceland.

Last weekend, my little one asked about volcanoes, how they work, what they do and so on. We decided to google it – all the knowledge at your fingertips – and we watched a great BBC documentary about the Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull.

Amazing, beautiful, astonishing and breathtaking images. Literally it is the land of Fire and Ice, but it has also mountains, ocean, waterfalls, green landscapes, colourful towns, cute animals and brave people.

My little one watched the entire video and often he cried: “so beautiful!”. We asked him if he would like to go there. He stopped for a minute, said something about the volcanoes and at the end he answered “yes, I want to go there.” He must have been truly overwhelmed by the beautiful images and landscapes cause he normally doesn’t want to go where he senses fear. Beauty overcame the fear and so one day we shall go.

Today I leave you with these great Icelandic photographers who I found today browsing in the “new” Flickr.


Sverrir Thorolfsson

Skarphedinn Thrainsson