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I love photography in all its ways, but street photography has this effect on me, makes me feel like I am being transported into the picture.

I like to unriddle every detail and try to imagine the feelings, sensations and the emotions printed in the photograph.

Street Photography is about the ordinary or extraordinary interactions in the urban space. Street photographers “they thrive on the unexpected, seeing the street as a theatre of endless possibilities, the cast list never fixed until the shutter is pressed” (Street Photography Now).

One of my favourite hobbies is walking alone in the streets and capturing with my eyes the pace, the movement, the characters, the stories, the details, the drama, the expected and unexpected.

I love to walk in the streets like an outsider feeling at the same time as being part of that moment.

A couple of years ago I came across with the amazing story of Vivian Maier and John Maloof on the internet. I love her work and above that I love the story.

She was an amazing street photographer, she captured the street in its raw and truthful side.

What puzzles me is, since she never showed her work to anyone, what moved her? For who or for what was she saving the 100.000 negatives? Did she secretly wished to show her work? She only did for the pleasure of that single moment?

Whatever the reasons I am grateful to the John Maloof that he found, organized and shown to the world one of the greatest street photographer.

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