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Percebes are small, jelly and ugly little creatures that taste like sea which for me is the same as heaven.

Me and my husband once a year we allow ourselves to have this luxury tidbit, normally somewhere in the Costa Vicentina.

It can be very expensive, but considering how it is caught it worth the money you pay for. Percebes thrives in areas that are exposed to the hard beat of the waves since they need the water motion for feeding.

Catching percebes is a typical activity in the coastal areas of Northern Spain (Galicia) and Southwest of Portugal (Costa Vicentina). Being a percebeiro (a man who catches percebes) it’s a very dangerous job. The men have to face hazardous conditions like violent waves that can smash anything against the rocks.

Watch this short documentary for you to understand why it’s considered an occupational hazard.

Percebeiros it’s a short documentary directed by David Beriain that tells the story about Serxio Ces, a Percebeiro from Cedeira Galicia,

Percebeiros es la batalla contra el mar de unos guerreros que no se consideran héroes.