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I wasn’t going to write about the Women’s Day, but then my dad called me to wish me a happy day. I felt so overwhelmed that I started to think how I feel about this day.

In last couple of days I’ve been watching a documentary about the changes in woman’s rights in America.

After watching I realized that things are a lot different now, we have freedom of choice now. Today, we women can and we do our own choices, but then I think this isn’t a conquer for all the women in the world, or even for all the men in the world. Unfortunately there is lot of people who still don’t feel free.

So this day should be, in my point of view, a tribute to all of those, women and men, who fought and to all of those who are still fighting for freedom. But it wouldn’t be called Women’s Day, would be?

So for me, today can be the day where people express their love for women and recognize the importance they have in our lives. And my dad’s phone call was all about this, about a man expressing his love for one of the woman in his life. Thank you “meu pai” for making me feel special today.

I also want to express my love to all the women in my life: my mom, my sisters, my grand-moms, my aunts, my niece, my cousins and all of my girl friends.

And big thank you to all the women in the world!