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Let’s imagine this scenario.

You wake up really early to do a 45 minutes surf session, just before you go to work. You stop your car, you look at line-up and you can’t believe it: a perfect day, the sets are lining up perfectly and no one is in the water.

You put your wetsuit on and you start to prepare your surfboard by getting rid of the old wax. You are so excited that you remove it all. You want to be perfect, your surfboard must be perfect for those waves.

Then you start searching for your new wax bar, the one you bought yesterday in that surf shop miles away from where you are now. You search everywhere, but you can’t find it, then you realise that you forgot it on your kitchen’s countertop.

You look to your surfboard, now fully undressed of wax and you hopefully wait for someone to come and spare you a 1/4 wax, but no one comes. You take another look at the line-up and those beautiful waves pumping up, perfectly and no one to ride it. All you want to do at that moment is cry.

Surf sessions ruined because you don’t have the wax or a cord to attach the leash happens more often than you think.

Bizuka, a surfer and an entrepreneur and my beloved little brother, was tired of those ruined surf sessions so he came out with this brilliant idea: make these two products available where they are most needed …in the beach. With 1€ coin you can have a 1/4 wax bar and a cord leash packed in this funny bubble.

Bizuka and Goma took a vending machine and turned it into the Surf Bubble. These cutes machines are now invading the Portuguese beaches for the delight of all surfers.

So now you have no excuse to miss another surf day, all you need is 1€ coin.

All photos by Andre Carvalho