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I just can’t believe that we are in London for more than a year now.

In the past 12 months so much had happened: the kids got older and me too, unfortunately. The little one started school and he is beginning to read. My big boy went to secondary school and he’s making new friends. They both changed their obsessions, one from dinosaurs to pirates and the other one from cars to guns (shooting games).

In this past year we started to know a little bit more about London. We visited almost every free museums in town. We’ve been in many parks and we met some of the wild fellows.

We have been through the three seasons, winter, spring and autumn. Summer? we are still looking for it.

We had a lot of visits from Portugal and hopefully we will have more this year.

We went to Portugal two times and we still didn’t learn how to manage the agenda so we always come back tired and overwhelmed.

After a year, I feel that we have two homes now, one here in London and the other one in Alcochete. Quite a conquer, don’t you think?

It was a good year, not an easy one, but a good one.

big ben