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When I lived in Lisbon I took the underground (metro) almost every day and I enjoy it. All the stations are wide and bright and the busiest hour is like a Sunday morning on the London Tube.

I used the metro to take my little one to nursery. He always enjoyed those journeys and he named every station not by their real name, but by their pieces of art: “look mum, this is the scary goat station or the bull and horses station”.

The most exciting thing about Metro is the art, in every station there is always something artistic to admire. It seems that there was always a concern in making every journey more pleasant. I cannot say which station I like the most, I think I like all of them.

We always start our journey at Oriente station, in the red line. Oriente is part of the beautiful intermodal station called Gare do Oriente, designed by Santiago Calatrava.

It  was opened in 1998 during the Expo’98. The artistic project reflects the main subject of the Expo’98, The Oceans and it has the contribution of 11 artists from around the world: Joaquim Rodrigo (Portugal); Hundertwasser (Austria); Yayoi-Kusama (Japan); Raza (India); Errö (Island); Zao Wou Ki (China); Abdoulaye Konaté (Mali); António Ségui (Argentina); Arthur Boyd (Australia); Sean Scully (Irland) and Magdalena Abakanowicz (Poland).