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Today is Halloween day and for the first time me and the kids are going for trick or treat.

Most of my family is Catholic and so they celebrate All Saints’ Day. When I was a child I remember knocking in neighbours doors asking for pão-por-deus, which is quite the same as trick or treat, but without the trick and the costume. This tradition seems to have vanished and the Halloween seems to be rising in Portugal.

Here in London Halloween is a big deal, almost like in America.  They say, Wikipedia says, that it was the Irish and the the Scottish who spread the tradition over America. Every shop, café, pub has creepy decorations and in the supermarkets there is an entire aisle with Halloween stuff.

I am always looking for an excuse to craft with the kids and so we embraced the spirit of All Hallows and start carving pumpkins, decorate cookies, create costumes and make treats.