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I had a bread-machine which I had to leave in Portugal. Since I love the smell and the taste of fresh bread, I didn’t give it up and I started to make, knead and bake my own bread with my own hands. It is really amazing “digging your hands into dough“, it feels like dancing with the dough and then you have to leave it to rise and finally bake it and share it with the whole family.

Tom was born with his future written in is name – Baker, he is an artisan baker and now he runs a community bakery and a cookery school: the Loaf which stands for:

Real food is about sharing – sitting down and breaking bread with other human beings.

Real food is about community – sharing it with our communities and benefitting the community in the food choices we make.

Real food is about connection – connecting with the earth that produces it, and the heroes that bring it to our plates. Shake the hand that feeds you.

Real food can be free – no better way to connect with the earth than grow and forage for your own food.

Real food is about ethics – it subverts the unethical in the industrial food chain, and supports ethical food production and distribution, whether it be within 40 miles, or 4000 miles.

Real food is about change – reclaiming the food chain, and building it back up on values, not $,€,£…

The Starter is an honest tribute to Tom Baker and his dream and an inspiring video for everyone to continue or start to make their own bread and feed their own community. Via this great site Those Who Make