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When I was a child I wanted a pet. Not a dog, a cat, a parrot or even a turtle, I wanted an elephant! Right: an elephant with four big feet, two large hears and a funny trunk. I never understood why my parents did not meet my request, after all, all it needed was 200kg of grass to food. Per day. I wonder how many pounds of poop will all this grass? Probably, here remains the reason for my unattended request.

I lived in Angola until the age of seven. I lived in the capital Luanda, but my parents and friends used to spend some weekends in Kissama, a national wildlife park.

I do not remember much of my life there in Angola, but I do remember those trips. We went out before sunrise on a caravan of old Mercedes Benz Jeep, we stopped at Morro da Lua”, to watch the sunrise. God, it was amazing, even for me, with only five years old. I remember staring at that horizon and how it felt so endless.

As we were there we went on a safari through the park and we easily spotted elephants herd, so imposing and wisely calm. That’s when I started to want an elephant for pet.

Now, as we live in England, my little son is asking if we can have a squirrel for pet. Different environment, same thought process.

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