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Sound familiar? The sound of a typewriter, how I remember that! No, I never had to work with one, I am not that old, but I remember from my mother’s office and how I enjoyed so much to play with, listening to that “clickety-clack”.

A few years ago we bought an old typewriter in a flea market and as you can imagine my kids they like to play with, but I had to explain to them what it was and how it worked.

Although it is hard to imagine anyone working in an office with noisy  typewriters, I think that the key sound paced the rhythm of typing, I feel that using my keyboard.
I like when tctctctctctct tctctctctctctctctct tctctctctc is fast  because it means that my work is moving forward or that my child is playing with the keyboard.

Theodore Watson has developed Noisy Typer, a software which plays typewriter sounds as you type.

Soon enough he will have to develop one software that could play the keyboard sound as you type in your screen or as I so often wish a software that could play the keyboard sound as you are thinking. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the computer could write it down as we are thinking? Ok, I guess not, it is spooky idea. via Today and Tomorrow