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Is it a cardboard box? Don’t throw away it will make a very nice piece of art.

Is it a plastic bottle? You can make a bird feed out of it.

A CD box? Look in what it can turn.

Plastic bags make beautiful purses, baskets and sandals.

I could go on and on, it is an endless list of ideas that use one or two of the three R’s, Reuse and Recycle or even better Upcycle!

People are more concerned about the waste they produce and more in love about handmade recycle stuff.

Not only people started to buy “trash turned into to diamonds” they also started to make it. Internet is helping a lot in this matter, and other matters too, not only you can use the thousands of tutorials spread in videos, sites, blogs, but you can also use those tools to publish your work and share your experience.

I  love the idea of re-use, recycle and upcycle, although my hands are tricky for craft and I have a problem with assemble tasks I try to turn some trash into little something.

I feel so proud when my kids are playing with something we made instead of something we bought.