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Artichokes aren’t just hard to pronounced they also are hard to cook, at least for me.

I went to the Borough Market on Saturday morning and I bought some baby artichokes and then I went home with the aim of cooking them. I don’t know why I did since I had never cooked it or even tried artichokes, but there was something in its odd shapes, some kind of mysterious element that appealed to me every time I saw a recipe of it.

So, I took this recipe and I followed narrowly every step and the expected happened: four baby artichokes too rough to eat although the sauce was very tasty. What went wrong? I asked.

First, I probably picked the wrong ones, how could I pick the right ones if I had never tasted it? Second I didn’t strip it right and that’s the rub: it just feels wrong to buy 500g and only cook 150g, it’s like buying a peach and only eat the stone. So, I stripped away the outer leaves, but it was not enough, that’s for sure! It was like eating rubber, but a very tasty rubber.

A lesson learned: don’t cook what you can’t pronounce.