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The first time I visited Zermatt was in 2003, it was August and we were prepared to walk in the green hills. I took a really summer outfit, shorts, t-shirts and sandals. As we were going on our way, I was picturing myself running in the mountains, like the little Heidi, but as soon as we arrive in Täsh, where you must leave the car, were already 3º Celcius. In that August there was a blizzard, the village was a winter scene, all the houses were covered by snow.

We really enjoyed that, I never had seen snowing like that, it was incredible. We walked all the way up  through the mountains until we spotted a hamlet of four houses, where we had lunch, and what a feast. I felt like I was in a dream, sitting in this cosy and warm restaurant, enjoying this amazing lunch and as I looked outside to this incredible view, all that whiteness.

The second time I went there it was July and it wasn’t snowing, although it was a little bit chill. This time I spent the days trekking, eating and talking. I remember thinking how lucky I was, I am, being in that amazing place with people that I love who are always focused providing me with fantastic moments, I could never thank them all they gave me.

The firs day of trekking we went out in the morning, it was just me and my uncle, we walked for two hours or more, always climbing. The first half an hour I felt that I was going to throw up my lungs, I just couldn’t catch up with my uncle (he is past his fifties). I had to stop from time to time, but as I looked back and down, the breathless view strengthened me and so I kept on going.

Zermatt is a small Swiss village known by his ski resort and the famous Matterhorn, Cervino (Italian) or Cervin (French).

It rings a bell, doesn’t? Yes, the sweet and irresistible chocolate triangle, the Toblerone, it seems that it has been inspired by the Matterhorn or not.

The village is very beautiful, with all that typical wooden houses with flowers hanging in the balconies. The village is in the German speaking section of Switzerland, but the second most common language is Portuguese, amazing isn’t it?