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In our fourth day in London we spent an entire day at the Natural History Museum. It was my little one’s birthday and since he is totally obsess with dinosaurs nothing more appropriate than take him to NHM. He can name every dinosaur, what they eat and how they sleep and hunt, but he also likes the other galleries such as the Mammals, Creepy Crawlies and human biology. They loved the museum, the eldest one love the Cocoon and all that interactive activities.

I pretty like the museum too. The building it is an architectural masterpiece, the Romanesque façade, so imposing! I just don’t get tired of staring at that main hall, looking at the light, so beautiful.

This week we are welcome the last guests before holidays, they have two kids and of course we had to take them to NHM.

I do not want to sound paranoid, but isn’t that hippo staring at me?