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Today I went to visit the Museum of London with the kids. We didn’t see everything because I mentioned that there had been a Great Fire in London and they become obsessed with that. Is it just my children or do they all love a great disaster?

Anyway, we learnt a lot about London:

  • Londinium was founded by the Romans and was located in the City;
  • Lundenwic was the Anglo-Saxon city established near Covent Garden;
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral was established in the year of 604;
  • The Great Fire in 1666 lasted for five days and it started in King’s Bakery;
  • St. Paul’s was also hit by the fire. The stones of the cathedral became so hot that exploded;

It’s hard to take pictures with the kids around so all I have to share is a smart phone picture of this nice scale model of riverside medieval London.