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My relation with time had change over the years. I remember when I was a child my life was a kind of a slow motion picture. The endless holidays, those afternoons where I just wish to end because I had played all the games, I had watched all the TV and I felt so bored (I wonder if my kids feel this way, with all the stimulation and activities).
After my sixteenth birthday, the time began to go faster and faster. Now I just feel that it flies like a Concorde.

I don’t like the feeling, but I know I am responsible for it. I am always in a rush, rush to take the kids for school, for doing the countless home duties, rush to make dinner, to bath the kids and put them a sleep. Even in the most relaxing moments it seems that someone pressed the forward button.

But there are those little moments, a split of second when I am looking to my kids, just contemplate them. In those moments I have this over consciousness that they will grow up, they will become adults, will leave home, have children, and suddenly the time seems to freeze. In that moment I can master the time, I can make it stop, freeze. I close my eyes and I freeze that moment in my mind and in my heart.

This beautiful video made me think in all this.

It’s a music video directed by Peter Simonite, made for “Postcard from 1952”  by Explosions in the Sky, The album is “Take Care, Take Care, Take Care.

Good music too.