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Ok, so they say that women’s brain is multitasking oriented. Today I start to doubt that theory.

I always felt proud about my multi-task brain, but today he made me look bad.

I went out in the morning to do some shopping. When I got home, late I should say, I decided to make a burger for my little one and a Camembert and raspberry toast for me. So far so good, then I decided to roast some peanuts in the oven at the same time.

While I was doing the toast and the burger I forgot about the peanuts. It was too late when I decided to check them, they already had turned into black and inedible peanuts. Angry I decided to throw them into the bin. Wrong move again! The hot black peanuts start to melt my bin bag. And, as you can guess, I almost burnt the toast and the burger while I was cleaning all the mess.

This is very funny video, an old one I know, about the differences between women and men’s brain.