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He’s fun, he’s cute, he’s very friendly, sometimes he can be a little jealous and selfish. He wears blue clothes, he is four years old, he loves his friends and certainly he knows how to dance.

That’s right! It’s Pocoyo!

Since my kids started to watch TV, I always had some difficulty to enjoy their cartoons. I find them all too annoying, or too hysterical, or too aggressive or too polite. And the voices…the Portuguese dubbed voices can be really, really peeving.

But then we discovered Pocoyo. It is so simple. though so good! All the characters are so charming. We have the cute Pocoyo, the funny Pato, the lovely Elly, the friendly Lola and the wise narrator. And even the Portuguese version has these delightful voices.

I just love to watch it with my little one. We watched so many, many times that he began to look like Pocoyo.

This is how my little one looks like when is angry:

And my favourite episode! Hurray Pocoyo